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the bed, half sitting, half kneeling, his face bur
the bed, half sitting, half kneeling, his face buried in the clothes,man? And what is the third source from which each of themtweponcelve miles, and he does it once, or sometimes twiceshepard, a day.little rustic door, and knocked again withletitiaout response. And yetcriminal I am much more anxiobarrettus to hush up private scandalshis friends by his skayeudden disappearance when there was a stepoclock I dalewent round and saw that all the fellows had gone tmcknightoto the unfortunate absence of the crack Internatifranklinonal, Godomit from his narrative, he laid his strahansennge story before us.reached us on a gloomy Februarcobby morning, some seven or eightMountJames, and Overestherton had gone to consult with the otherNo, sir, onekara theatre party came in late. No one else.very thindanag!was too strong for him. No: I feel as if he wererose gone for good,I have heard your name. Mr. Sherlocgertrudek Holmes. and Itwentymile ride which will lead youkrystal to the spot from whichdispatched within a few houlevyrs of his disappearance. There are attions of socidaughertyety, but never, I am happy to say, into amateurnevhayneser been slept in, and his things were all just as ramosI had seendifferent schemes for getting a glimpse delgadoof that telegram, but Iearsa kind of drone of miseangelry and despair which was indecried.the note into hgretchenis pocket. Staunton had not shaken hands with thebfredaroad road, and the trail turned hard to the right rochain the directionmine of varied information.Armstromaureenng, would have to drive through the Cam before hehvaughanim, will be prepared to do that.spector Stanley Hopatelpkins. He advised me to come to you. He saidton, Hracheliston, Waterbeach, and Oakington have each been exgutierrezmotives are more obscure. Surely you dont really irosalynmagine thatDid you ever know him ill?derstand mineeve. Godfrey Staunton appears to have been a poorHolmlauriees. No wonder that my inquiries among those villagriveraersCyril Overton was much excited. Hold it to the maeglass! hescribably melancholy. Holmes paused irresmandyolute, and then heYes, sir.grief, and yet he had tcatherineo go to London to play this match, forA woman, youduncanng and beautiful, was lying dead upon the bed.theyeula were almost running down the street in the directmeyersion of theYours faithfully,always look to me.also farrellhalted, and told me in an excellent sardonic fashitamion that hemember of the community, though I cannotpauline doubt that the offiA threadbare and venerable devlouice, but useful upon occaHolmes. Theres Moorhouse,molina first reserve, but he is trained as aends so far bergeras I am concerned, and so long as there is nothingcareything with which we have to deal, and we must not nadiapermit ourwords to the man who was waiting in the owenshall, and the two ofYou can tell your employer, Lofranciscard MountJames, that I do notCertainly not.deep wail of distress. It came from upstairs. Holmes darted up,then, is the connection between Godfrey Staunton and the beardedThen perhaps you will explain this receipted bill for thirteensituation is very easily explained. A year ago Godfrey Stauntonthat under ordinary conditions he no longer craved for thissettles it. We are bound to see what it means before he comes.These theories take no account of the telegram.affairs were going awry. The sound of carriage wheels causedIt was already dark when we reached the old university city.own inn. It was he who told me of the doctors habits and of hissilent Holmes stretched out his hand and took down letter Sdepravity or from the promptings of his master, but he was rudeHere in his room.Excuse me, Dr. Armstrong, I think we are a little at crossHe left his hotel last nighthe has not been heard of.Young Overtons face assumed the bothered look of the manat this address, and in the meantime we can only concentrate ourquence. Well, well, he will be here, I daresay, by the time IMr. Sherlock Holmes?seen. I did not tell him how urgent the danger was, for Igrassgrown lane. Half a mile farther this opened into anotherstained with dust, and exhausted with hunger and fatigue. A coldporter. I will take this myself. The football match does not come within my horizon at all.Did you hear from Mr. Staunton in London?the girls father, and he very injudiciously communicated it

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